Self Adhesive Labels

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Silicone papers


• Highly compressed, special papers

• Translucent for distribution systems with optical sensors (Photocells - Sensors)

• Flexible for excellent operation and distribution

• Sturdy for excellent cutting and conversion properties

• Examples: HG 65 / WG 65 / HD70


• Paper with 1 or 2 sides with clay coating

• Excellent dimensional stability

• Excellent moisture stability

• Excellent rigidity for layflat applications

• Applications: sheets, eg, A4 for laser or inkjet printing

• Examples: KS55, KS70, KS75, KS85


• ΡΕΤ ή ΡΡ

• Excellent tear resistance

• Excellent moisture stability

• Excellent operating and distribution capacity

• Very uniform surface = no structure in the adhesive layer

• Applications: clear-on-clear, high-speed applications