Applications & Technologies

Applications & Technologies


Smart Flash becomes even more innovative and effective.

Immediate response
You can flash any electronic label (ESL) n the store within a second of pressing the corresponding button. The response time - below the second - is a fundamental feature of using the flash as a tool support for in-store work, such as replacing shelf products.

Το Instant Flash is a new,
innovative system that takes Smart Flash
innovation to new levels! The flashing
LED is visible from a long distance and can easilyι
guide you in a product, even if you stand away from it.

Immediate start-and-stop capabilities save battery power and minimize the possibility of misunderstanding between employees. When, for example, you receive orders online, you do not need to flash ESLs in advance and for a long time in order to restore the flash response time. When the job is completed, the ESL stops flashing.

Freedom of choice

All Pricer electronic label models are
equipped with the fastest Instant Flash
on the market.


Dynamic Geo - Positioning of products with
Pricer Wireless Optical Technology

Η Pricer's Dynamic Geo Positioning allows your customers and business partners to quickly locate any product in the store on a map. The access points provide automatic and dynamic positioning of products with great accuracy.

Traditional Geolocation solutions consume valuable manpower and are not practical at all, as products in stores change positions very often without being given a new geographical location.

With Pricer's dynamic product placement technology, you'll be able to automatically geolocation for each product individually. If you move the product and its electronic label to another corridor, the system will automatically recognize it and calculate its new location. Similarly, if you move a product to another corridor and use a different ESL, the system also recognizes it automatically, without the need for any manual intervention.

When a product is moved to another shelf, the system automatically recognizes it and calculates its new position. In other words: you don't have to manually register new product positions.

Main features:

Automatic in store Geolocation

Allows your customers and partners to track quickly and easily any product on the map.

Powerful and scalable technology

Timeless and scalable technology, which has been implemented and tested in some of the largest retail hypermarkets in the world.

Geofencing capability

Geofencing capabilities allow, for example, targeted advertising activities when the buyer approaches a particular product.

Pathfinder Features

Real-time customer guidance for the shortest route to the product.

API Support

Υποστήριξη API για την ενσωμάτωση χάρτη in - store και των θέσεων των προϊόντων, π.χ. σε εφαρμογή loyalty.

All ESL Pricer models support Dynamic Product Placement.
Just choose the model that best suits your requirements!


Click & collect with Instant Flash.
The most effective way to quickly
fulfill online orders.

With Instant Flash, online order fulfillment becomes much faster and more efficient.

The product dispatcher locates it instantly, while automatic product placement can feed the correct location of each product into the collection software's routing algorithm, ensuring that the route to identify each product is always the most accurate and optimal.

Guided Picking

The guided product collection it is much easier, which means a reduced need for staff training.

As a result, recruitment becomes easier and much more accessible and allows for increased volume of orders with the same staff or with reduced staff

How Instant Flash Helps Click & Collect Features:

Dynamic product positioning

Shows where exactly the
product is located on a map.

Route planning optimization

Designing the optimum
route for the picker.

Find the product

Locate the product
with Instant Flash.

Shelf Replenishment

Easier and faster than ever with Pricer's Instant Flash!

The biggest single step in a store is replacing its shelves. An average supermarket places hundreds of products on its shelves on a daily basis. This is a very time-consuming process, which can lead to many errors. If, for example, the employee does not properly check the price, the product may end up in the wrong place. This can lead to reduced sales and incorrect stock data.

Three Instant Flash Replacement Benefits:

Instant Flash

Flashing in less than a second,
as soon as the employee scans the barcode.

Reduces risk

With Instant Flash technology,
errors are virtually eliminated.

Reduced staff costs

There is no need for trained staff,
so costs are reduced.

Instant Flash: Real time savings

With the help of Pricer technology, the margin of error is greatly reduced and the work of replenishment is accelerated. The replenisher only has to scan the barcode of the product to be replenished using his portable device. When this is done, the system immediately does two things:

It shows on a map of the store where the product is located, with precision, and activates Instant Flash on the label. Instant Flash and the map allow the employee to find the product faster. Thus, shelves are always more efficient and properly fitted and in less time.

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