Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Digitally upgrade every retail store, enhance product promotion and
significantly improve the Shopping / Costumer Experience.


In today's retail, profitability, well-being and overall store success are based on effective digital technologies. Electronic Shelf Labels are an integral part of a store's successful course both today and in the future. Founded in Sweden in 1991, Pricer manufactures the most up-to-date Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in the world with the highest quality possible.


Pricer has the most complete range of Electronic Shelf Labels. Offered in a variety of dimensions they provide better screen clarity and readability than other electronic labels on the market.

Optical wireless Technology

Pricer is the only manufacturer of Electronic Shelf Labels, based on modern Optical wireless Technology (OWT) technology..

Wireless Optical Technology is much more reliable and stable than Radio technology. It requires no visual contact and can operate under any lighting conditions and any kind of environment. It is free from interference from widely used wireless devices operating in other areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, including radio waves, microwaves, visible light and ultraviolet light.

Advantages of Pricer Electronic Labels:

  • Convenience and flexibility in managing real-time product pricing and information at point of sale.
  • Dynamic real-time inventory control. 100% price agreement between label - cashier / POS, with complete elimination of incorrect prices.
  • A clear display that provides the consumer with all the information they need for a product.
  • Paperless technology that replaces paper labels, helping to protect the environment.
  • Easy installation and integration, with no special technical infrastructure.
  • Minimum and economical maintenance.
  • Quick depreciation of the initial investment.
  • Low power consumption and long battery life - up to 7 years.
  • Simplify procedures for store staff and save valuable time.
  • Best shopping / customer experience for customers.
  • Boost sales and profitability.


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