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The innovative NiceLabel software offers modern and flexible tools for creating, managing and printing quality barcode labels. It integrates the entire label printing process into a fully digital platform and includes everything you need to digitally transform your business labeling department.

Available in both cloud and on-premise, Label Printing Software increases your business productivity by eliminating human error and reducing production costs. NiceLabel is trusted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide that operate in many fields: Aerospace, Apparel & Garment, Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and more.

Design and print barcode labels quickly, easily and efficiently.

The design tool of NiceLabel Label Printing Software is very simple to use, with a design environment very similar to that of Microsoft Word.

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Thus, anyone can design professional barcode labels quickly, without having experience or special knowledge on their design. This also results in the exemption from the learning / training costs required of most label design and printing suites.

automatic labeling

NiceLabel automatically places, aligns, folds words, or adjusts the font size of your text to ensure that your dynamic data fits in the specified area of the tag.

automatic labeling

NiceLabel's interface, help system and user guides are available in many languages. Label content can be printed in any language with multiple languages ​​appearing on the same label.

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Eliminate printing errors and increase productivity immediately.

With NiceLabel's all-in-one printing form, the user always knows what data changes are required before printing. All data entry fields are listed together so that the user does not have to switch between dialog boxes to know exactly what data and information should be in each tag. If the label changes, the input fields are adjusted automatically. The label printing preview displays all the labels exactly as they will be printed. The operator can also zoom in and out on the preview to verify the contents of the label before printing.

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This eliminates printing errors and incorrect product labeling, reduces unnecessary printing costs, as well as the chances of product recall and possible fines.

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Manage the entire bookmarking process and your users on one platform for maximum performance.

The NiceLabel Label Management System is the next generation of all-in-one signage management systems. It includes everything you need to standardize and centralize signage control.

The NiceLabel LMS includes Label Design, Web Printing System (for Manual Printing), Documant Management and Integrated Printing.

automatic labeling


labeling process


automatic labeling


automatic labeling


LABEL DESIGN                 Manual Printing

Label design                       Manual printing

Document Management                   Integrated printing

Document Management       Integrated Printing

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Works with any type of printer

Hardware replacement is costly and time consuming. NiceLabel works with Windows drivers as well as drivers of any printer manufacturer, including:

• Thermal printers

• RFID printers

• Laser and inkjet printers

It is fully compatible with your printer's existing hardware, which means minimal initial investment on your part and faster payback.

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automatic labeling