Payment methods

The Company, for the convenience of all involved, provides its Customers with the following payment methods:

1. Via e-banking using an electronic payment code: The easiest and fastest way to pay (and to update your payment) using an electronic payment code (RF). Payment for your order can be made at the partner banks:

  1. Alpha Bank (click here for detailed instructions)
  2. National Bank (click here for detailed instructions)
  3. Eurobank( click here for detailed instructions)
  4. Piraeus Bank (click here for detailed instructions)

2. Cash on delivery:Upon delivery of your order, you pay the price to our company partner or courier employee (Speedex, ACS or Geniki Taxidromiki).

3.Credit Card: You can pay for your order with a VISA or MasterCardcredit card. Contact us to find out which credit cards participate in the interest-free installment plan.

  1. In the store: Possibility of up to 12 interest-bearing installments. By showing credit card and police ID. Receipt from a third party is not allowed.
  2. Remote Charging: Possibility of payment by credit card through our online store.

Please Note: It takes 2-3 working days until the data is cross-checked by the bank.

4. Deposit in a bank account: The payment of your order can also be made by deposit in the following accounts:

  1. Alpha Bank Account Number: 170-002320-002287 (IBAN: GR93 0140 1700 1700 0232 0002 287) SWIFT/BIC Code: CRBAGRAA
  2. National Bank Account Number: 100/471969-76 (IBAN Nr: GR16 0110 1000 0000 1004 7196 976) SWIFT/BIC Code: ETHNGRAA
  3. Eurobank Account Number: 0026.0328.92.0200628669 (IBAN: GR59 0260 3280 0009 2020 0628 669) SWIFT/BIC Code: ERBKGRAA
  4. Piraeus Bank Account Number: 5055 072656 650 (IBAN Nr: GR52 0172 0550 0050 5507 2656 650) SWIFT/BIC Code: PIRBGRAA

The deposit can be made either in the branches of the respective banks, or through Web Banking. Before depositing, contact us for the exact amount and shipping costs (if any). In the deposit box, in the statement of reasons, please ask the cashier to write down the name of your business or if you are a retail customer your name.

For the best service, after the deposit, please contact the sales department at 210 6180865, for the notification of your deposit or send the deposit along with the invoicing name of your order to the seller's e-mail or