Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer
Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer

Zebra ZXP7: Color dual-sided card printer

Zebra ZXP7: In high volume applications, easily print and encode single or dual-sided full color or monochrome cards.

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Using the latest in Zebra card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 provides high-quality card printing. The ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy. With color coded guides and a clear LCD control panel, it's simple for anyone to use.

ZXP Series 7 Pro is specifically designed and configured to meet the needs of high volume Card printing.

Reliable performance and photo-quality printing

Like the ZXP Series 7, the ZXP Series 7 Pro version delivers the same fast yet reliable performance and prints sharp, vivid cards with photo-quality images. With available features like single- or dual-sided printing, encoding and connectivity options, as well as locking mechanisms for security, the ZXP Series 7 Pro is flexible to meet business needs now and in the future.

High-capacity hoppers

The ZXP Series 7 Pro has input and output hoppers capable of holding up to 250 plastic cards at one time, eliminating the need for constant staff oversight. The cards in the output hopper are stacked in first-in, first-out order, thereby eliminating the need for sorting cards once the print job is completed. Both the input and output hoppers are removable for quick and easy card reloading.

Synchronized supplies

The high-capacity input and output hoppers are synchronized with high-capacity ribbon options. The result? Less operator time spent replacing supplies and fewer production interruptions leading to more efficient operations and cost savings.

Remote Installation of Plastic Card Printer

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Install your new printer easily, quickly and safely with Novatron Remote Plastic Card Printer Installation Service.

The installation is done online, through the AnyDesk application, a specific appointment is set with a specialized technician, without requiring a visit of our technician to your place.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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SKU PN09127
PRINT METHOD Dye Sublimation
Color Speed 300
Mono Speed 1375
Input Hopper Capacity 100
Output Hopper 100
WARRANTY 2 years
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